Innosys' goal is to refurbish and install reliable AMAT production tools that meet or exceed OEM tool and process specifications at a price that provides our customers excellent value.  Innosys philosophy is simple - to understand customer needs and deliver what is promised.  Prior to accepting a purchase order, Innosys and their customers mutually agree upon a set of specifications.  A project plan with timetables is established.  System audits are conducted regularly to ensure quality objectives and delivery milestones are met.  The tool is shipped after the customer performs and approves a final source inspection.   

Innosys prides itself on providing the knowledge, work ethic and integrity required to meet the mutually agreed upon specifications and schedule - no excuses - period.  For example, if a project falls behind schedule, Innosys will allocate additional resources, at our cost, to insure the promised delivery.  If a part is urgently needed, Innosys will use its network to find the fastest delivery possible, even if it means purchasing the part at an inflated cost.  

Innosys understands that tool uptime is critical.  We can provide a spares consignment program to insure critical parts are always at hand.  Whether we are the ones installing replacement parts or providing support to your engineers through our 24/7 phone support, Innosys' engineers are always there to minimize downtime and quickly put your tool back into production.

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