Innosys can supply fully refurbished systems and chambers for PVD, CVD and etch applications on Endura, Centura, Producer and P-5000 platforms. Below is a partial list of the processes and chamber configurations supported by Innosys.  
      TEOS, Silane Oxide/Nitride
      Tungsten CVD, WSiX
      Sputter Oxide, Poly or Metal Etch
      Sputter Oxide, Poly or Metal Etch
      IPS Dielectric Etch
      High Densitiy Plasma Dielectric Etch
      Titanium Tungsten (TiW)
      150mm - 200mm size
      Wide or Narrow Body Load Locks
      Standard or Extended System Controller
      Through-the-Wall, Ballroom Style or SMIF Interface
      HP, HP+ or VHP Robots
      Fast Wafer Mapping
      Buffer / Transfer Lid Hoist
      Cool Down, Pass-Thru Orienters
      208Vac, 50 or 60Hz top feed or bottom
      Single or Dual Orienter
      DxZ Chamber
      WxZ, WxL
      MxP, MxP+
      ASP, PRSP
      Ultima, Ultima Plus, Ultima X
      DPS, DPS+
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